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Via Staffora, 20/2 - 20090 Opera (MI)

Telefono: 089 301155 

Persona di riferimento: Vittorio Sacchi

Attestato di Iscrizione

Under the umbrella of our parent company Aalberts Industries N.V., Aalberts for short, the groups of the two companies AHC Oberflächentechnik and Impreglon will be merged to form the new company with the name Aalberts surface treatment as of 1st January 2019.

While the services you receive will continue to be offered unchanged, both our company name and the logo with which we will appear on the market in the future will change.

Aalberts surface treatment will be a world-leading and globally positioned company with more than 50 locations in 3 continents. For you, this has the advantage of a wider range of surface treatments as well as easier planning and implementation of international projects with us.

We are making every effort to make the transition and change of name as smooth as possible. All contracts concluded with the AHC and Impreglon plants remain unaffected and continue to be valid. The account details known to you and the Tax Identification Number (VAT-ID) will also remain unchanged.

Due to our new name, however, all email addresses will change. In the transition phase, as a matter of course, all messages will be forwarded from the former email addresses to the new Aalberts surface treatment email addresses. As always, our employees are at your disposal with their full commitment.

We look forward to a successful future together and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the continued trust you have placed in us.

Impianto Anodizzazione
Tipo di Produzione  Minuterie
Settore di Applicazione

  • Vasche di anodizzazione =
  • Lunghezza utile L = m 4.0
  • Larghezza  utile  l = m 1.0
  • Profondità utile H = m 1.5
Finitura superficiale
Soluzione Elettrolitica Acido Solforico
Tipologia A Spessore (ossidazione dura)
Processi di Colorazione per Assorbimento
Colori per Assorbimento
Colori per Elettrocolorazione Blue
Marchio Qualanod
Certificazione ISO 9001 Si
Certificazione ISO 14001 Si
Certificazione BS 18001
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