Project Description

SAT S.p.A.

Via Meucci, 2
37135 Verona (VR)

Telefono: 045 8280601

Persona di riferimento: Carlo Bernardocchi

Attestato di Iscrizione

SAT S.R.L. is an Italian engineering company dedicated to design, produce and install aluminium extrusions surface finishing equipment and packaging systems.

Effective January 8th 2018, GEMA Switzerland GmbH has acquired SAT (Surface Aluminum Technologies) S.p.A., which is now part of the GRACO Inc. Group (NYSE: GGG). SAT provides vertical powder coating lines,the revolutionary CUBE Trevisan, vertical powder coating plants with integrated flash-anodizing pre- treatment, anodizing lines, sand- blasting machines, wood effect decoration machines and packaging systems for aluminium profiles.

SAT philosophy is to turn the market’s needs into challenging projects to make the production process as much efficient as possible. The constant efforts in R&D allowto design and realize equipment able to guarantee our customers extremely competitive high level performances.

During more than 35 years of activity, SAT team has introduced most of the innovative solutions recognized as worldwide standards nowadays, confirming the indisputable role of market leader

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